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Sleeplessness/ needed changes in meds-cortisones

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I am going to borrow this from one of our members. She hadn't slept for 2 years. To make a long story short, she found out that using Predisone instead of Cortef worked for her. It is stronger and from what I understand, longer lasting.....

She is post op for 2 years.


Hello All,

Great news, I started taking a Prednisone at night before I go to bed, and wonder of wonders its working. I have slept, although I wake up a couple of times at night, for the last 4 nights. I had tried the Cortef before bed, as Dr. F suggested and it didn't work, but the Prednisone does. I guess with it being stronger, it does the trick. I am soo glad. It feels so much better to be able to sleep and feel like I have slept the next morning. Maybe this will help any body else who has the same problem. "removed for privacy"

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