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sore, tight chest - anyone get this?

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Hi all,

my MRI is tomorrow yay. Don't see the specialist till the 22nd though. Can anyone help me? I have a sore chest. I went to the doctors and I had a chest x-ray, but nothing showed. Now my chest is tight. It's not hard to breath, just anoying. It becomes harder to breath when lying down though. I get lumps on my ribs and they hurt. Doctor said they were probably calcium build ups. Does anyone get this? Not sure if i should go back? Toni


p.s i tried using ventolin, doesnt work

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I also get a strange feeling in my chest.

When I am lying down I feel like there is a huge, lead weight lying across my chest.

I feel like it is pushing me into the mattress.

I have always thought that was when my Cortisol was high.

I have a harder time breathing when this happens.

I find myself concentrating on this heavy feeling until I make myself change positions.

After moving my body the feeling subsides.


Hope this helps and that you are healed soon!

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I'm a newbie to all this. Just diagnosed 2 weeks ago. Still trying to absorb and figure it all out. Just found this site this past week.


I don't know if this is similar to how you're feeling, but my greatest challenge right now is the discomfort in my chest. It feels like a tire that's been pumped up with too much air. My ribs hurt as well --it's like I'm bursting. If I cough or sneeze, so that the ribs and muscles tighten, I can feel all the muscles between the ribs. I think it's because they're always extended from the internal pressure. The sore muscle feeling you get a day after a big workout.


I had to give up wearing a bra because I couldn't handle the pain. Not a particularly good look with all the add weight gain!

So I'm learning to dress creatively......scarves to camouflage the hanging bowling ball boobs have become my salvation :huh:

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