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  2. Kayln was only 41 when she died on June 28, 2017. She had recently had pituitary surgery. Read more at
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  4. The latest The Cushings Daily! Thanks to @Wolf_Trap #hcsm #mhealth

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  6. Margaret (Margaret), Pituitary Bio

  7. Today is the anniversary of MaryO's pituitary surgery at NIH in 1987. Read more at
  8. (1865) English physician George Redmayne Murray was born. He is credited with pioneering the treatment of endocrine diseases, which include thyroid cancer.
  9. (1915) Russian-Jewish neuroscientist Joseph Ransohoff was born. He is known pioneering the use of medical imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors.
  10. Elton John has over a thousand pairs, Canadian singer Corey Hart only wears his at night, and you can tell the good guys from the bad guys in The Matrix by the shape of theirs. What am I talking about? Sunglasses, of course! There’s nothing quite as stylish as a pair of shades, so get out your aviators or your wayfarers and start celebrating National Sunglasses Day!Read more at
  11. Happy 4th of July!
  12. Missing you today...and always, Kate :(

  13. Thinking about our board member, Fairley (Kate) today.  She has certainly been missed.

  14. Adventures with Human Growth Hormone

  15. Millie is the first Cushing’s patient that I know of to have died from complications from Swine Flu. She was only 36. Millie developed a confirmed case of the H1N1 virus. She spent 29 days in the ICU of Millard Suburban Hospital before dying of complications of the flu, compounded by Behcet’s Disease and Cushings Disease. Read more at
  16. Hermina had Cushing's Disease. She passed away November 29, 2002.
  17. Erin was from Canton, Ohio and several other Cushies met her at local meetings. She was 35 when she died. More info at
  18. November 4, 2015 Stacy had two pituitary surgeries, radiation and an adrenalectomy. She died of an adrenal crisis on November 4, 2015. Read more at
  19. Anyone can update their status, either on the front page of the boards here, from your profile or from your Twitter account.  Give it a try!

  20. Went to GP yesterday and had a big discussion about why I would take growth hormone at my age.  <sigh>

  21. The latest The Cushings Daily! Thanks to @TradeWindsLife @fredhutch #hcsm #mhealth

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  23. StaceyH wrote: Dr. F had wanted to give Martha an IPSS, but she had a problem with an EKG two weeks ago so the doctor would not release her for surgery. She went for a cardio stress test last week and was to get her results tomorrow. She was feeling “ok” but when I arrived home this evening, I found her in the bathroom. I tried to give her CPR but I really knew it was too late... Read more at
  24. She was only 45 at the time of her death October 12, 2009. I’ve known far too many Cushies who have died far too young from this disease. Read more at
  25. My family and I met Cookie at the UVA Cushings Conference Fall 2002. She was so helpful and caring. She told my father, sister, and I her “Cushings Story.” She was so, well, there is no better word to describe her, “bubbly.” She was so happy to be there, teaching, learning, and helping with CUSH. She left an impression on my family and I. She had such a great personality. She was one of the very first “Cushies” I met…and she made me re-think my attitude about being sick. She was going through so much, yet she had such a wonderful attitude towards it all. She was amazing! Read more at
  26. Thursday, October 3, 2002 Alice died of lung cancer and Cushing’s. Read more at
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