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  2. Been taking my Vitamin D and the stuff the doctor gave me for my skin, and my face is clearing up nicely (the redness and acne scarring aside of course) and I'm feeling slightly less achy. Just had confirmed that my doctor wants to speak to me about my prolactin results, so I have a telephone appointment next Monday. I don't know what the issue with my prolactin is, only that it mustn't be a 'normal' result as I'm never asked to contact my doctor for normal results! Just told via text that the results are in and there's 'no action required'.

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  4. The latest The Cushings Daily! https://t.co/dkXer2mAtU Thanks to @MaceyLHenderson #hcsm #mhealth

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  6. Bruising easily and gaining weight? Don't mistake high blood pressure for this syndrome
    Cushing's Syndrome is a hormonal disorder caused by prolonged exposure to the hormone cortisol - which can be caused by taking steroids. Cortisol regulates metabolism and immune response in the body.
  7. The latest The Cushings Daily! https://t.co/GvwBoEL1vZ Thanks to @LuvLibertyPeace #hcsm #mhealth

  8. In the UK? A study to investigate the prevalence of pituitary gland dysfunction and it’s risk factors following… https://t.co/mpp7bedodS

  9. My Daughter Lisa Marie Bates Died Needlessly Of Addison's Disease
    The problem with Addison's disease is that only 1 out of 100,000 people get this. Lisa's symptoms were classic, vitilago which are white spots, darkened pigment, and flu like symptoms. Even in this day and age doctors can miss a case of Addison's.
  10. Comment added to Leah (Lele), Undiagnosed Bio

    Ask for an MRI to check if there’s a small tumor in the pituitary.

    Please look up Dr. Daniel Kelly in Santa Monica California. USA


  11. The latest The Cushings Daily! https://t.co/IYUHsVugGy Thanks to @LuvLibertyPeace @MDCollegian @4KRISTineSake #hcsm #endcancer

  12. Is Cushings worth looking into?

    That shouldn't be a problem at all. Different labs have different procedures. Some refrigerate and some use acid.
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  14. Is Cushings worth looking into?

    Hi Marie Ô I have read the 24 hour urine test has to be refrigerated ! I did one last week and did not refrigerate it ..they put some kind of acid in the jug but didn't tell me to refrigerate ..will I have to do another one ? Have you heard of non refrigerated urine test ?
  15. We Remember 9/11 https://t.co/c2OtolhxtD https://t.co/eUwAzbVHHN

  16. The latest The Cushings Daily! https://t.co/dph3KYMsjj #hcsm #irma

  17. Hi Sallyc .. I am 30 minutes from Ottawa . are you diagnosed .. I am still trying to get used to the site . I need help .. I need to connect with someone ..

  18. In Memory: Kandace Bankston ‘Kandy’ Kline

    Kandy Klein long-time member of the message boards passed away September 9, 2007.

    Read more at https://cushingsbios.com/2015/09/09/in-memory-kandace-bankston-kandy-kline-september-9-2007/

  19. I have not been on these boards in a few years. My status is stable and now on daily Cortef replacement due to stressful divorce, hypothyroid, hypopituitary....God Bless Dr F. who keeps me living my best quality of life. I never thought every day would be a new science experiment....but.....at least I'm 18 years post adrenalectomy / coma and 10 years post thyroidectomy and still enjoying life and family! Thank you Mary for these boards which back in 2000 were the only source of support and education there was for a patient like me. I joined them in 2000 and again in 2004. I will always be grateful for the sense of normalcy and belonging I found on this web site. I work from home now and have a great life! To all of you just starting the journey......DONT GIVE UP....LIFE IS WORTH LIVING AND YOU MATTER...With the right Drs on your team and these boards you can live your best life. Educate yourself and be proactive. Be strong and please don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help......Blessings Lynn in Oregon 

    1. MaryO


      Thanks so much for sharing your success story, Lynn!  These are always so good to hear :)

  20. Hurricanes https://t.co/CWpiE6bt1r https://t.co/NLauzB8maF

  21. Had an appointment with my GP this morning, most of my results have yet to come back, so I will be seeing her again once I'm back off holiday, but she did prescribe me some vitamin D tablets (20000 units twice a day for ten days and 20000 units once a day for a further ten days) to take in the mean time as those results had come back and were low! Maybe I will start saying goodbye to some fatigue/aches & pains soon!

  22. Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Awarded Two SBIR Grants to Develop New Therapeutics for Congenital Hyperinsulinism and… https://t.co/AyxBzyIVqa

  23. "Pituitary adenomas are rarely cancerous, but they can cause other serious problems for patients by pushing up against parts of their brain, which can lead to Cushing's disease, gigantism, blindness and death," Lee explained. "The study shows that this novel, targeted, near infrared fluorescent dye technique is safe, and we believe this technique will improve surgery."


  24. Casey Dailey, age 38, was fighting Cushing's disease, a pituitary gland disorder often caused by a tumor creating excess cortisol. She had surgery Aug. 23 and went home the next day. Over the following weekend, she began feeling sick. She vomited, sometimes with blood. Then, she couldn't stand or talk, relatives said. A high fever started Sunday, after floodwaters surrounded her home, and she became unresponsive. More info at https://cushingsbios.com/2017/09/06/in-memory-cassandra-dills-dailey-august-29-2017/
  25. [Pseudo-Cushing's] Michigan woman nearly dies after herbal supplement found to be laced with steroids

    The "pills were loaded with Dexamethasone … [which] is a medication.  It’s a synthetic steroid, very potent, very long acting, and if we take it for quite some time, we develop what is called Cushing Syndrome,” said Dr. Barkan.

    Higgins was diagnosed with Cushing Syndrome, and Barkan says she could have died if she hadn’t sought help.


  26. The latest The Cushings Daily! https://t.co/VPMJmhfjxg #hcsm #mednews

  27. Topical Steroid Use in Psoriasis Patient Leads to Severe Adrenal Insufficiency

    The patient was a 63-year-old white male with a 23-year history of psoriasis. For 18 years, the patient had been applying Clobetasol Propionate 0.05% topically on several areas of his body every day. Upon presentation to the endocrine clinic for evaluation of his low serum cortisol, the patient complained of a 24-pound weight gain over a 2-year period, feeling fatigued, as well as facial puffiness...


  28. In Memory of Ryan Monds who died on this day in 2016.
    Ryan passed away peacefully and is free from illness and pain....Also mourning his loss are aunts, uncles, cousins, many life-long friends and friends through Cushing’s Disease Awareness.
  29. In Memory of Janice, who died on this date in 2001

    On the message boards, Lorrie wrote: Our dear friend, Janice died this past Tuesday, September 4, 2001. I received an IM from her best friend Janine, tonight. Janine had been reading the boards, as Janice had told her about this site, and she came upon my name and decided to IM me. I am grateful that she did. She said that she knew that Janice would want all of us to know that she didn’t just stop posting.

    Read more at https://cushingsbios.com/2015/09/04/in-memory-janice-tuesday-september-4-2001/

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