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Status Updates posted by floweroscotland

  1. how are you? hope all, went well jox

  2. how are you lydia long time no see ? hope you are well im not on the site often myself now tc jo x

  3. How are you lydia ? i hope you are well "big hope" i gave up with it all for a while but thanks for the advice on the t3 as all my odema has almost gone pity about the rest anyway tc jo xx

  4. armymp's i am very patriotic and love my Scotland lol if you ever come over let me know

    we are very welcoming and there is so much of Scotland i would like to visit also

    tc jo xx

  5. how you doing mel ?? and baby

  6. how you doing kim? no sign of you lol

  7. thanks for friend invite hope all goes well take care jox

  8. welcome to the board and good luck !

  9. hi collette im in same area as you i tried to leave message but said blocked so ill try here please get in touch


  10. hi kim not seen you for a long time hope ur fine and seen ur hump cant deny that baby eh ? lol

  11. aw wee cutie on your profile she is sweet lol just to say thanks for comment on my post joxx

  12. thanks so much shelly for your comment on my post tc joxx

  13. hi cindy it does give me some kind of hope when i hear what you said tc joxx

  14. hi jo thanks for the comment i realy appreciate feel bit better today tc you and yours another jo lol xxx

  15. hi cyndie i realy appreciate your comments and advice i do try and answere personaly you tc joxx

  16. hi lydia nice to meet you i remember now i left a comment on your gallery our hands are the same tc joxx

  17. thanks for leaving me a comment on my post and you have been through so much yourself i realy hope you are well soon i read your story tc to you and yours joxx

  18. thats such a cool profile picture jo x lol

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