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  1. LilDickens

    ? Cushing's in 15 yo male

    My then teen had this and also had stretch marks and trouble breathing. We had some testing done and he did have low testosterone. They would not help him. He had the same weight gain the. He is now almost 275 lbs and now he wont test for cushings. Maybe get some labwork and see whats going on. I am in remission of cushings.
  2. lost 45lbs! I need to come back and update!

    1. tallyo


      Please do! I love reading updates.

  3. I now lost 22 lbs and Growth Hormone is wonderful for me. I feel so much better.

    1. MaryO
    2. Sofia


      that is so wonderful, you are an inspiration!

    3. floweroscotland


      sooo glad for you kim hugs from scotland xxx

  4. LilDickens

    Tax deduction on donations

    No, no problem at all....I wish I could give more! Tax time, just wondered! I sure hope you able to do this, for your sake and ours.
  5. LilDickens

    Tax deduction on donations

    Is my donations for this site tax deductible?
  6. Gh Started 12/22/2011 lost 4 lbs in a week!

    1. MaryO



    2. betseebee


      That's wonderful!

  7. Merry Christmas!

    1. Jessiek


      Merry Christmas!

      Feliz Navidad..


  8. Wonderful just to meet you!

  9. Good Bye, Lord Farquaad! you shall rule me No More!

  10. Surgery Jun21st, Pit #2

    1. fibroBeck


      Wishing you a very successfull surgery!!

  11. Discouraged

    1. TanyaW


      (((hugs))) Don't give up!

    2. TLClay


      Sending you a hug sweetie!

  12. Need to get out one more high UFC! Pray for me! I need it bad!

  13. Kim S. , Pennsylvania- Surgery #1 Jan 2010 positive for Acromegaly but was trying to find a cure for Cushings. In testing since Oct 2010 for Cushings.
  14. Tired of testing...will I ever see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    1. saberlowe


      yes!!! and my bet is soon!