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Status Updates posted by LilDickens

  1. I now lost 22 lbs and Growth Hormone is wonderful for me. I feel so much better.

    1. MaryO
    2. Sofia


      that is so wonderful, you are an inspiration!

    3. floweroscotland


      sooo glad for you kim hugs from scotland xxx

  2. Gh Started 12/22/2011 lost 4 lbs in a week!

    1. MaryO



    2. betseebee


      That's wonderful!

  3. Need to get out one more high UFC! Pray for me! I need it bad!

  4. Discouraged

    1. TanyaW


      (((hugs))) Don't give up!

    2. TLClay


      Sending you a hug sweetie!

  5. Good Bye, Lord Farquaad! you shall rule me No More!

  6. Merry Christmas!

    1. Jessiek


      Merry Christmas!

      Feliz Navidad..


  7. Tired of testing...will I ever see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    1. saberlowe


      yes!!! and my bet is soon!

  8. lost 45lbs! I need to come back and update!

    1. tallyo


      Please do! I love reading updates.

  9. Still over weight  but doing ok.... Can't control my sweating nor my weight. Very tired in the morning. Good to see everyone! 

    1. MaryO


      Good to see you, too :)

      I still have some of my pre-op symptoms, too, but I'm still way better than before.

      Slowly but surely, I guess.


  10. Surgery Jun21st, Pit #2

    1. fibroBeck


      Wishing you a very successfull surgery!!

  11. Hi , how ya doing? Im waiting on a saliva test I ordered myself..we'll see!

  12. Hi sweeite. Finally getting some testing by local Endo .. MRI, etc...soon. Nice doc! Hope you'll find your way soon. I know your so sick ..Hugs!

  13. Hi read your posts..so sorry you are suffering. I dont believe in Fibro..I feel it is undert treated thyroid or adrenal. Im near Hagerstown.

  14. Checking in...sounds like your getting help!


  15. How have you been? Miss seeing you. Hope your ok!

  16. Hello, thinking of you ..how ya been!

  17. Just thinking of you ...hoping God will intervine for you!

    Love ya, Sister!

  18. I love your gatitude list...thank you!

  19. Your hanging on my refridgerator as a reminder that I can have a cure, too!

  20. I hope you get some help soon. I see how sick you are. My prayers are with ya! Hang in there! Kim

  21. Hi , thinking 'bout ya....hope your doing ok!

  22. Wonderful just to meet you!

  23. Hi, just thinking about ya!

  24. Checking in on oyu to see how your doing? Hang in there ...

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