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  1. ttiffany20191

    Adderall and Cushings

    I just wanted to say hello. You are in such good hands at the NIH. I too, had surgery there and they saved my life. I hope things are going well for you.
  2. ttiffany20191

    My Friend Thinks I Have Cushing's

    First of all I want to welcome you! I'm sorry you think you maybe dealing with this disease. To answer your question, it is hard to say if you sound like one. You have a couple of the symptoms. The best think I could tell you is to schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist and get them to run some tests on you. Then go from there. If you don't have it..that is good news...but if you do there are people here that will help you through the process. Wishing you the very best of luck!
  3. ttiffany20191

    Cushings with periods?

    It is very possible! I maintained normal periods throughout Cushing's. not everyone has every single symptom.
  4. ttiffany20191

    widespread pain

    Oh yes, I'm almost three years post op and my pain is still not great. I recommend getting her into pain management. They really helped me so much. Has she had surgery yet? A dr explained it to me like this: imagine cortisol being like battery acid running through your veins. Even when the cortisol is gone the damage is done. Cortisol breaks down your muscles and bones. I had really bad bone pain. I feel for your mom. The best thing you can do is what you are doing now? Ask questions..I know it is hard to understand but she is lucky to have you in her life trying to understand and support her. Also is she on the boards? If not you should tell her to join us! best wishes to you both. Feel free to ask any questions -Tiff
  5. ttiffany20191

    Positive 24 hour urine?

    Hi Vicky! Just wanted to welcome you to the boards. I'm glad you are under the care of an endo,although sometimes they miss cushings,but anyway usually they will do more 24 hour urines,blood work, and midnight salivaries( where you chew a piece of cotton and they measure your cortisol levels) after that they would want to figure out where all of this cortisol is being produced..or by what. The most common source is that you have a tumor on your pituitary. Second is that you have an adrenal adenoma..and lastly but much more rare is having a tumor in the lung or somewhere else in the body. Anyway feel free to ask questions! There is a ton of info here and you might want to go and read old threads in the forums. There are so many supportive people here. I hope it isn't Cushings but if it is you are in the right place. Good luck and keep us posted! -Tiff
  6. ttiffany20191

    Cushing's Symptoms

    Hi Holly! First of all I just wanted to welcome you to the boards. It sounds like your symptoms need to be looked into further. You know your body and if something doesn't feel right then you should listen to it. Maybe you could print off some material ( this site has a lot of great info) and bring up your symptoms. If you don't get anywhere with your pcp, I'd see if you can get into an Endocrinologist. The first steps would be a 24 hour urine. I hope it isn't Cushings but if it is you are in the right place. Feel free to ask questions. When I was first diagnosed I. Knew nothing about Cushings and I asked a lot of questions on the boards. A lot of dr's don't understand this disease so you have to educate your self. Again welcome and feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to. - Tiff
  7. Love the updated site!

    1. MaryO


      Thanks, Tiffany!

  8. Just a question, has any cushings suffers had cysts on the liver and kidneys ?

    hope you are well , havent spoken in a while x

  9. hi Tiffany, could i ask are your tests higher when your feeling ok or when you have the syptoms ?

  10. Hi Vicki! welcome. Feel free to message me! Glad you are on the boards, hope u are finding the answers you need! ;)

  11. Hib tiffany20​191,

    Im a newbee, how do i start a instant message with you ? , love to chat.as i dont wont to worry you on e-mail. thanks

  12. ttiffany20191

    VoiceChat (BlogTalk) changes

    Too bad they have to be 30 minutes or less. Thanks for keeping us posted Mary!
  13. ttiffany20191


    Anyone?! Lol
  14. ttiffany20191


    I remembered seeing this shirt somewhere for sale a long time ago and have searched for months and can't find them anywhere! Where did you order them from? There is just a lack of cushings merchandise out there and I want some!! Lol