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  1. Here's a section on doctors that people have found helpful http://cushings.invisionzone.com/forum/26-doctors-hospitals-insurance-nih-and-disability I found good endos by reading their reviews on rate my doctor. I didn't find a Cushing's expert where I'm from but found a great doc who was open minded and helped.
  2. Is Cushings worth looking into?

    The dried urine isn't really going to be helpful for looking into Cushing's. You'd be better off doing a 24 hour urinary cortisol if your doctor will order one.
  3. Is Cushings worth looking into?

    You said you did a urine test; was that a 24 hour urine test? What can happen with Cushing's is you have high cortisol levels at night but very low ones during the morning/day and if you do a 24 hour urine sometimes these almost cancel each other out and your result is a completely normal urine test.
  4. How to search the boards?

    Top right hand corner there's a box that says "Search..." You can select where you want to go search (All Content, Topics, Members etc). I believe you have to register/create an account. before the search function is visible.
  5. Welcome to the boards! Sorry you have to be here but I hope you'll find answers to any questions you might have. There are a few of us who that still hang out just in case we can be of help and so much information in older posts that is still so relevant. Take care!
  6. I believe it's been posted about quite a bit. Try searching the forums using: Korlym (it's the name of the drug).
  7. Greetings to a fellow Canadian! Where in Can. are you from?

    Welcome to the boards!