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  1. Well, I'd say it shouldn't be too long now before there is acknowledgement and cure, but after watching Dr. Drew and the segment on Acromegaly the other night, and the way he completely and so conspicuously avoided ANY mention of ACTH producing tumors, I don't know that there will be in our lifetime. He mentioned prolactinomas and said they were the most common, blah blah blah, talked ALLLLL around it. It couldn't have been unintentional. This is coming from high places. I guess the drug companies have more power than even we know them to.
  2. sal

    Desperate for help.

    I live east of Houston and I speak from experience when I tell you to head to California. The only doctors even remotely qualified to treat hormone disease i TX are at M.D. Anderson. I went to UTMB a few mos ago and couldn't believe, after all these years, how far into the dark ages they still are. Please, just make an appointment with Dr. Dan Kelly in Santa Monica or Dr. Theodore F.n in Beverly Hills.
  3. I'm sorry, did I say something to upset you? I was very appreciative of the advice you were trying to give me. :)

  4. Ok, you're welcome :rolleyes:

  5. vince

    Have been trying to message you but it will not let me. Will you message ME?

  6. vince

    hey Sal - I tried to PM you but it would not let me. Could you try me again to see if that will work? Would really like to chat. thanks - Vince

  7. I don't want to miss this so when I go to the main blogtalk page I will just hear the broadcast?... or do I have to click something else or what? I want to make sure because nobody will answer while it's on I'm sure.
  8. Dr. F says my Growth Hormone is "really low" but it only looks a point or two below normal on the range. I guess this is good though since it sounds like I start replacement soon...?

    1. TLClay


      Do you know what your levels/range are?

  9. Nothing, I figured out that it was just the comments and not the pm's. LOL. It's confusing though. The regular pm's still have unlimited but it's hard to navigate to them.

  10. There are several things he could have meant. In layman's terms I think he's saying it's not a 'functioning tumor' but that it's pressing on parts of the pituitary causing different hormones including cortisol, vasopressin, growth hormone, thyroid, etc. Growth hormone deficiency especially can mimic Cushing's. Be thankful if she doesn't have Cushing's. That ...