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  1. Hey, MaryO! Nice skin. Use it again this summer when we're all melting.

    1. MaryO


      Thanks, Nancy! As far as I can tell, besides me, you're the only one who likes it. LOL

  2. Arrived safe and sound--seeing Dr. F on Wednesday!

  3. NancyJ

    The color of Cushings

    Was looking for charms and found this http://store.goodybeads.com/store/products/Z002539.html. Maybe someone with a steady hand (mine tremors) could add "Cushing's" to the blue or "CS" to the yellow to distinguish it from Down's Syndrome. Just thinking at the keyboard. Would love to have a Cushing's ribbon charm for my Med alert bracelet, etc. Anybody got a steady hand?
  4. NancyJ

    The color of Cushings

    Mary, Thanks for the lapel pin link. I made an order. Is there any place on the boards where all the cushie products from various sources are listed? That would really be helpful.
  5. NancyJ

    Backpacks, Messenger Bags and stuff

    Oh, and the zebra wearing the ribbon would also be good because it would make people ask questions and help spread the word.
  6. NancyJ

    Backpacks, Messenger Bags and stuff

    The problem with the clothing, except for the hats, is that the sizes are too small. I'd like to see more items with the ribbon.
  7. NancyJ


    Another idea: How to get really sick, weak muscles, and lots of fat: 1. Grow a tumor that makes you produce too much cortisol. 2. Complain about symptoms to doctor. 3. Get laughed out of doctor's office with orders to diet and exercise. 4. Diet and exercise increase cortisol production, making you sicker, fatter, and weakening your thigh and upper arm muscles. 5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you die prematurely or a doctor finally decides to test you for Cushing's Disease/Syndrome. http://www.cushings-help.com
  8. NancyJ


    That's funny! But only cushie will get the joke... Maybe add the silouettes and url so they either get it or get curious.
  9. NancyJ


    hmmm. Maybe a t-shirt that says "Diet and exercise didn't work because I've got Cushing's" then have a sideview outline graphic showing the progressive body changes and the cushings-help url under that.