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  1. bmorte

    Possible Cushing's

    Please post the symptoms that you have that make you think that you have Cushings. We can better direct you toward the best next moves. Also, where geographically are you located? Pehaps someone can direct you toward a good Endo closer to you that can take your symptoms seriously. I must admit that this can be a long road, but you have come to a very good place that can offer you resources that you cannot get elsewhere. Beth
  2. Hi there! Are you doing OK? Beth

  3. Thanks again for your support. You are so positive! You are helping so many people. Every time I get on the site, there you are, offering words of encouragement. Did you know how much you were needed? Thank you for you unique sense of compassion and knowledge. Beth

  4. Welcome to the Cushing's Board! I hope that you get help, knowledge, and encouragement here! Beth

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