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    basket weaving, photography, crochet, word games, watching wildlife, insects, wildflowers, dogs, horses, sunsets, coloring outside the lines, play dough (I minored in play dough), guitar, music, poetry, cribbage, sewing, bead work.
  1. SuzieQ23

    The color of Cushings

    I would like to find out where to get yellow and blue lapel pins, but don't see them with the t-shirts and other items for sale, thanks
  2. Went to pain clinic today for 4th and final visit, told doc no more steroid shots,they didn't help, made pain worse! Have a lot of shoulder, back pain, muscle weakness, increased Cortef to 30 mg.a day, if I take less I get nausea, and feel worse. Wonder when it gets better when I read some of the other peoples stories. But I have hope, always hope!

  3. Did you have a pit tumor too? The doctors had to do 2 surgeries to remove the one I had, there was too much bleeding the first time so they had to stop and reschedule it for 3 weeks after the first one! Barely had time to heal from that first one!Not something I care to repeat! I used to play classical guitar but can't even lift it right now. I used to do a lot of cooking too, ...

  4. Hi miszieanne and Suziet88,it seems like about every other day I'm good,the back and rib pain is the worst, some days just use ice packs for a little relief. Not depressed, want to hurry up and get better. my muscles are weak sometimes, joint pain isn't too bad. Pit tumor was removed 11/2010.Am taking 25 mg. of Cortef a day, and almost done with 1st month of Forteo shots.

  5. HI!! We are all here for you!! How are you feeling? Having g any depression, sore muscles and joints yet?

  6. Hi - when was your pit tumor removed? What symptoms are you still suffering from?

  7. still waiting to hear from anyone