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About Me

I am a 29-year-old female currently undergoing testing for Cushing's syndrome and awaiting my first Endo visit. My husband is also testing for Cushing's. So we make quite a pair!


I work in an endocrinology-related field. I guess in part I originally went into medical research to figure out why I was overweight (now obese) despite eating healthier than my friends and playing tons of sports. I just assumed it was simply genetics (well maybe it is still partially genetics).


My one and only cortisol test so far was moderately high: 4 pm serum cortisol was 21.4 ug/dl (normal 3-16.7).


Over the years, many symptoms were overlooked (or blamed on me) by doctors, the most obvious being the weight gain. I have gained about 100 lbs since I was 17-years-old, usually in 10-30 lb spurts.


In college, my now-husband would tease me about my growing hump (buffalo hump), which he blamed on my bad posture. I sweat a lot and am constantly warm. For the last few years I have been waking up at night to pee, which in 2009 my gynecologist blamed on my abdominal weight gain.


The recent severe fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain and muscle pain have started to make life miserable and are what motivated me to finally ask the doctor about Cushing?s. I get tired with simple things like taking a shower. My hands hurt so bad it is difficult to do my job, my knees make it hard to climb stairs, and my swollen feet make it painful to stand (diuretics only help slightly). My back, neck and shoulders are usually sore, I get strong flank/mid-back pain around my kidneys/adrenal glands, and I get headaches almost every day.


Some Other Symptoms:

Frequent Infections (especially sinus infections), poor wound healing

Translucent skin with visible blue veins

Stretch marks all over, especially abdomen and arms (large, pink or white) and spider veins

Easy bruising and skin tears easily

Itchy, dry skin, crawling feeling on skin

Irregular periods and low libido

Memory problems (short-term and long-term)

Lack of concentration and easily distracted, brain fuzzy, more difficulty thinking

Anxiety/worrying, irritable, moody, mild depression

Stabbing abdominal pain off and on

Low Vitamin D

Fat accumulation in supraclavicular fat pads, thicker neck

Round moon face, often gets flushed (red)

Dizziness and tinnitus (ringing in ears)

Increased thirst and urination (especially at night) and dry mouth

Insomnia: staying up later, more difficulty falling asleep, waking up a lot

Tingling/numbness in hands and feet

Muscles twitching and cramping, hands shaking sometimes

Diarrhea, hiccups, occasional constipation, nausea, acid reflux

Hair on face, breasts and stomach, and acne

Hoarseness/voice cracking

Difficulty drawing blood (small wiggly veins), pulse hard to feel

High blood pressure (new)

High cholesterol and triglycerides

Low-normal testosterone and DHEA-SO4

TSH: 3.3 (was 2.6 in June, 2010)

Feet have grown from size 10.5 to 12 since college

High White Blood Cell (WBC) count (high neutrophils)

High Alkaline Phosphatase

Hard to focus eyes, vision getting worse, pupils dilated and off-center

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