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  1. The latest The Cushings Daily! https://t.co/dKXlDfpoqW Thanks to @aautomo884 @MDCollegian @digitalhndshake #hcsm #hcsmeu

  2. Cathy T, Pituitary Bio https://t.co/PAiR8m9Pl6

  3. In Memory ~ Martha, 10/14/2008

    StaceyH wrote:   Dr. F had wanted to give Martha an IPSS, but she had a problem with an EKG two weeks ago so the doctor would not release her for surgery. She went for a cardio stress test last week and was to get her results tomorrow. She was feeling “ok” but when I arrived home this evening, I found her in the bathroom. I tried to give her CPR but I really knew it was too late...

    Read more at https://cushingsbios.com/2015/10/14/in-memory-martha-october-14-2008/

  4. Would *YOU* Try to Fake Cushing's Syndrome? It happened on House TV and in real life... https://t.co/FCRkikYuHr #cushings

  5. Comment added to Toni (Toni), Adrenal Bio
    ...I have a question about your intense itching. I too have itching, specifically in one area. No one could figure out why. Once they figured out I had cushings j asked if the itching could be from that. Doctors have told me it's not really a symptom of the syndrome...
  6. In Memory of Bonnie Hamm.
    She was only 45 at the time of her death October 12, 2009. I’ve known far too many Cushies who have died far too young from this disease.
  7. Addison’s Disease: Periods at 4 years, Menopause at 5 https://t.co/VlH2OkkRmK

  8. Missing you today, Cookie (and lots of other days!) 

    Cookie died October 11, 2003. She had a pituitary tumor, recurrence, BLA, PCOS, radiation...
    Cookie touched a lot of lives. I would get these perky, cheerful and witty emails. It is terrible to lose her. She has left such a legacy, though, that she will go on touching lives for many years to come. She loved people and wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from Cushing's. She touched many hearts, I know she touched mine.
  9. Cushing’s Syndrome Revealing Carney Complex: A Case Report https://t.co/pgu3PSjrAJ https://t.co/cM2HjzjgYi

  10. Columbus Day, 2017 https://t.co/CmuYNm6wBJ

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  13. The latest The Cushings Daily! https://t.co/KADgzB8AXR Thanks to @LaurenDeStefano @PatientsCanada @KKDUB #hcsm #mhealth

  14. In Memory: Edward H. Oldfield, MD, 1947–2017 https://t.co/Eo60eouiyN https://t.co/AWMcXTsIDL

  15. In Memory of Lenise Petersen
    Lenise passed away Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2002 at 23 years old, just after her surgery.