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    St-Lambert, Quebec, Canada
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    I enjoy Decorative Painting (on wood - Tole Painting) and teaching it, cross-country skiing, swimming, camping,  gardening, interior decoration and renovation, learning desktop publishing, photography, spending time with family and friends.
  1. I would also like some...please. Is there any chance that I might be able to do a French version too??? Just a thought. MC
  2. Interesting reading Kristy...thanks for sharing this.
  3. Very interesting article...Thanks Angie. It's funny; whenever I read about this, I now feel guilty that I may have been the one to bring this awful disease upon myself! Some say I should not think like that. That it's not my fault that I got sick...I just can't help but believe that somehow I did contribute to it. MC :con:
  4. If NIH is not listed, I guess it's because it's a research center and not a hospital per say??? Or did I miss the listing?
  5. Thanks Sue. I would be interested in getting one of each, so I will get them when I will be at NIH.
  6. What are these pins??? Is is possible to get more info. or have some sent to me??? Thanks, MC
  7. Thanks everyone for your info. My mom is really going to be disappointed to hear and read this... She has her heart set on trying to "help" me with my illness... Don't get me wrong, I do love and appreciate my mom, but sometimes I would just want her to listen to me and not try to "cure" me!!! MC
  8. Has anyone heard of any research being done on this? Apparently, the Fisheries Department in Canada is conducting research on this as a possible treatment in Cancer patients to help reduce tumors or the spreading of these... Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks MC
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