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  1. Just stoppin by to show some love! Hope you are having a great weekend ;)

  2. Hey Girl! I thought I would look for you and Beth on here and add you as a friend on the boards. I still have not found Beth yet but I am sure I will find her on here! See you on FB! :)

  3. Hi! I read your story, and all of your symptoms and am completely blown away at how well you describe everything. You are such a wonderful writer, I had most of the symptoms that you are going through and I can completely relate to you so I really wanted to add you as a friend. I really hope that you get the help you need soon. I can tell that you are a fighter, keep going with it, you are doi

  4. Hi Malia....just thought i would say hello. Hope you are doing well.

  5. Hi Leanne! I just saw on Debra's post that you are seeing an endo at Barrows soon. I wanted to tell you good luck and I hope you can get your diagnosis soon!:) If you guys like this endo at Barrows I am going to check him/her out too! Sometime when you get a chance I would love to know how you are doing. Hope your daughter is doing well too. You take care!

  6. Lisa, good luck with your appt with Dr. F. I hope he finds everything and can help with everything. Can't wait to hear the results of what he says/finds. Good luck hun, you deserve the best!!

  7. HI Leanna! I just saw where you are in Glendale! Hi Neighbor! I will add you as a friend! We should stay in touch!!:)



  8. Thanks so much again for the help, it is so nice and helpful of you!:)

  9. Hi Angela! How are you feeling since your surgery? I hope you are recovering well!:)



  10. Hi Nicole! I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. So sorry you have to have more stuff done this coming week, I hope it takes care of all of it. Were you able to celebrate your birthday at all, or do you have to wait still until you are better. I will call you soon, but no worries if you are not well enough to talk. Sorry you have been so sick and things have been so hard. I think o

  11. Hi Carrin, I am so sorry you are having symptoms of Cushings again, I wanted to comment on your post, but was feeling tired so I will post on it as soon as I can. Thanks for adding me as a friend, I will add you on mine too. Oh, and I will look for you on myspace soon too. Talk to ya soon!:)

  12. Hey Lisa, How is your sister and her little baby boy? Did eveything go ok. I sure hope so, thinking of you and your sis.

  13. Hi Nicole! I hope you can get out of the hospital today! I hope you feel better! Hugs!!!

  14. Hi Lisa! I hope you are feeling better since your surgery! Big Hugs!


  15. Hi Heather! How are you doing? I tried to call you a couple of times but the phone was busy. I dont have call waiting on mine either so I understand I will try again soon. Hugs!