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    interior design, junking, auctions, reading, gardening and spending time with my husband along with our 5 yo, 3 yo and 3 month old children

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  1. I still miss you and hope you are doing ok. Drop me a line sometime.

  2. Hi Dawn,

    We all miss you so much. I pray that you are ok and hope that you will be back real soon. Love CathyM

  3. Miss you so much Dawn! I hope you are doing well. Love ya!

  4. Whassup, Dawn? Miss you.

  5. I miss you Dawn, and I hope everything is okay! Can't wait to see you around. {hugs}

  6. Dawn, I really miss you. Much love, Robin

  7. Dawn, You are such a good friend, I appreciate you so much. Thanks for all your help. Love ya!

  8. Dawn, Thanks for being a sweet friend. I am so glad we got to meet at least for a little bit. Your a one smart lady. Love, Sallyt

  9. An inspiring friend with totally awsome knowledge . so lucky to know you.

  10. DeltaDawn

    Car Ribbon Magnets License Plate Frames

    Hi Mary, I love the tanks and t-shirts! I personally don't care much for the web address lower on the "belly". I would either like to see it up under the "got hump" or maybe even on the back under the ribbon?!?!? Just my opinion and thanks for putting them up to see! Dawn
  11. DeltaDawn


    Hiya Cheryl, I haven't gotten the cookbooks yet. Would they fit in a large mailbox? I just wanted to check in case they would be something I should have gotten a slip for pick-up at the post office. thanks Dawn
  12. DeltaDawn


    I just ordered 3 cookbooks to add to mother's day gifts. I can't wait to get them. I am sure they will be a hit. Yummy ........... take care, Dawn