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  1. In your experience, is it common for post-op (cure?) Cushing's sufferers to suddenly acquire new allergies? (asks the woman who is now allergic to cinnamon)
  2. I'm so afraid of saying something wrong or bad or... yikes!!! If there's a topic, I'd be happy to do it.
  3. At least one article was written about it today (I tried to get the LA Times and our local paper on board. Ha. No luck) http://www.timesanddemocrat.com/articles/2...th/13033188.txt
  4. LisaMK

    IT'S THERE! MaryO Interview

    I love your accent, Robin. It's just simply charming.
  5. Hi Lisa - was wondering about the heart symptoms you had and if you were ever tested for heart problems and how did your symptoms resolve?

  6. Hi there same-day Happy Birthday buddy!

  7. Hey Lisa!

    Just snooping around, and see that we have something in common. We share the same day of birth! I'm 5 years older tho. :)

  8. LisaMK

    Need Your help

    I emailed Barbara Boxer. A long email too! I hope someone responds.
  9. LisaMK

    An official hypochondriac

    I jusy weaned my youngest daughter a month ago in order to start the different medications that my doctors wanted me on. The only thing I took while nursing was the Zoloft to help control my extreme anxiety attacks. I have been having them since I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. I started having the headaches when I was 14-15 weeks pregnant with her. Since I weaned her my endocrinologist added Glucophage, an ACE inhibitor, and wanted me to switch to Effexor. My neuro gave me Proprananol to see if it would help with the headaches. A friend of ours (doctor) gave me Flexeril a few days ago to see if maybe the headaches are tension-related. My sweating and headaches and etc. haven't changed since I started the new meds. The Effexor made me dog-tired, but I'm starting to adjust (it's been 4 weeks). The proprananol (sp) has me sweating a bit less at night (I think).