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  1. Thank you ladies, congrats on all your continuing hard work. I'd really like to know what A big ACTH response to CRH , but no cortisol increase is indicative of. & if theres any significance in the ACTH response doubling whilst on DDAVP . Thanks, I know the good doctors time is precious, but its one I've never got an answer on, & think I'll be lifting the lid of my box , saying, hang on, before I go..any one know ??
  2. Thank you very much!It means a lot all you have learned!

  3. hi jo thanks for the comment i realy appreciate feel bit better today tc you and yours another jo lol xxx

  4. Thanks Mary, If I can stay up that late I'll listen. I've seen Johns pictures before, But thanks to Donna for putting up the site. I know how much it meant to Corrie last year, to meet another cushie kid. They just sat there staring at each other, in total empathy, I'll ask his Mom if we can post his pics too, the difference is amazing, & it gives such hope to those struggling . Look forward to hearing what Donna has to say. Jo.
  5. Jo MacRaild

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    Hi Mary, I would in, about 3 weeks time
  6. Bravo ladies, how you feeling Jayne ? Is everything behaving ? Jo.
  7. Thanks Mary, Hey Jayne, I'll listen later, 6 pm eastern is middle of the night here, but I'll look forward to hearing your voice again. Keep up the good work ladies. Jo.
  8. Hi Robin, I'd love to, but were at the hospital tomorrow night...Cant even listen, no puters.........
  9. Jo MacRaild

    IT'S THERE! MaryO Interview

    How cool !! Great to hear both your voices again...Loved it... Bravo ladies.
  10. A star buddy, & my personal sanity angel..


    Love ya Liz..Jo.

  11. An inspiring friend with totally awsome knowledge . so lucky to know you.

  12. A very treasured friend & special person.

  13. Awesome mother and wonderful friend!