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  1. Hey there. April 8th is approaching rather quickly, so that got me thinking about Cushing's Awareness Day and this thread. Does anyone know if the day was passed this year or what's going on with that? Also, I don't know how much this could help or even how many people might see it, but I made a MySpace account www.myspace.com/CushingsSyndrome with Cushing's info on it. I thought if we added it as a "friend" and asked our other friends to do the same, that should generate some awareness. I just have the basic info and some videos on there right now, but we can get as creative as we'd like and I'm open to ideas. ?? I was thinking maybe to make it a little more personal we could add some people's journeys in the blog section. ?? I don't know..but feel free to add the account as your friend (although I hesitate to use the word "friend"..) ..And Shawna..like the graphic! Thanks for permission to use it.
  2. Hey! I love the graphic! Is that something you would be willing to allow others to use on websites like Myspace and Facebook?
  3. Hey there! I just wanted to say that you have come up with some really great ideas!! Unfortunately my brain is on vacation right now so I don't have anything to contribute, but I will keep trying. I also wanted to say that I will do anything to help! I *used* to be rather creative and *used* to write well, but I fear those talents are some of the many things that Cushing's has stolen from me. Give me a task and I'll do my best!