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  1. Very sad today.

  2. Mary, Michigan Pituitary surgery, 2007 with Dr. J. Thought I had a cure, but still sick, not rediagnosed, No insurance and can't afford to test, MRI's appear clear
  3. I still miss you and hope you are doing ok. Drop me a line sometime.

  4. Great, very informative interview! Thank you ladies!
  5. Mary,

    You are the best!

    I just love you.


  6. mertie

    Cushings Awareness Day 2008

    Thanks Cheryl and Jayne and everyone involved with making this happen again. I will send a note to thank the senator.
  7. Alicia, Thank you so much for sharing your story. I just listened to it and it absolutely made me cry to hear what you have gone through. I'm so sorry for all you've been through. I've mentioned before that my SIL had Cushing's symptoms, but was treated as a bi-polar patient for many years. She went through hell. She had a weight problem, severe anxiety, and diabetes insipidus, among many other suspicious symptoms. She died 2 yrs ago, the result of long term treatment with Lithium. I found out about Cushing's shortly after her death and wish I'd known about it before so that I might have been able to help her. Back then, I really thought doctors knew what they were doing and just followed their advice blindly. What a difference a few years makes. What a difference education and awareness makes. Mary and Robin, thank you for all the work you put into these podcasts. I pray that anyone who has a bi-polar relative or friend will consider that maybe, just maybe, there might be another explanation. Hopefully this podcast will make people stop and think. You are all awesome. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Jayne! Your booth looks awesome. I'm also interested to hear if you got a lot of traffic and questions.
  9. Christy, you are awesome! Good work!
  10. I know many of us have written numerous letters to Oprah about Cushing's, with no response. You would think she might be interested, with her having such a struggle with her weight and now her thyroid. Dr. Oz takes the conservative line, from what I've seen, and she listens to him. Melissa, you really should pm Cheryl F, who has been the main person working on Cushing's Awareness Day in the past. She has done a great job with not a lot of help and I imagine she would love to hear your ideas and get help from you. She can let you know what has been done up till now. She is not on the boards very often, but checks in from time to time.
  11. http://s233.photobucket.com/albums/ee199/chrissycurls25/?action=view¤t=thanks.gif" target="_blank">http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee199/chrissycurls25/thanks.gif" border="0" alt="thanks">

  12. How many callers will you take in one show?