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    I have met the love of my life. My husband Shawn. We have 2 beautiful adopted children (Brayden 3 & Hailey 6). I also have 3 step- children ( Amy 27, Michael, 24, and Chris, 21) We have 3 grand-children. I like planting flowers, swimming, playing in the yard with my children, cutting grass with the riding mower (yes, I find that peaceful), and just spending quality time with my family. My husband and I belong to our local fire Department. Him as a fireman, me as a ladies Auxiliary member. And above all, I try to live my with the Help and guidence of God!
  1. Thank You MaryO for posting this information! I have been having an extreme problem with my blood pressure since I was diagnosed with Cushing's, however, it has only gotten worse since I have had my Pit surgery and am trying to wean off the Cortef! The doctors have doubled my BP medications and it was still running high, but yet my pulse rate is running very LOW! I have this listed under another thread on the boards! But appreciate you posting this here as for this now gives me another avenue to look down also! You are always a wonderful source of information and support and I truely appreciate it! Thank You! Sandy P.S. I hope everything is getting better and going well for you! I haven't been on the board lately, but I miss you too!
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