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  1. More articles are needed by newspapers and periodicals on Cushings! Its nice to see that this man was able to get treated for it. The more educated people become, the better. MJ
  2. I have never been on this this medication, but I am a former Vioxx user and all of my heart troubles, blood pressure spikes and other symptoms started up right after I started taking Vioxx. That was before the big bru-ha-ha where they pulled it off the shelves. Makes you wonder how many other drugs out there can lead to serious complications? MJ
  3. I really appreciate you posting this information! and totally agree with Denney. In my case, I'm positive that my Cushing's was inherited from my Grandfather and his mother as well. Looking at family photo's you can certainly see the effects of Cushings had on both of them. Both showed a very moon faced as well as the reddish tinged skin. My great grandmother looked very mannish at times too and both showed obvious mental effects from hormonal changes. So this article really interested me with my family's history with Cushings. Thank you so much for posting it. MJ
  4. I just was moved to tears by both of their stories. I just loved Sandy though! what a courageous lady and God has a special place for both of these ladies.. I hope both are getting the medical treatment that they need..
  5. I just wanted to mention that I absolutely LOVE Seaside! I grew up in Oregon and moved to the Carolina's in the 1990's. And I've seen lots of places but the most beautiful in the world is the Oregon Coast! There is nothing like those wild stormy days!

    *hugs* hope that you're doing good!


  6. Thank you so much for creating this website! you are a true angel! this site has helped me so much.

    I also wanted to say that I LOVE your signature! I have a big thing for big beautiful butterflies!

    I hope that you're doing well! you are truly an inspiration to me.


  7. Hi Cathy!

    You and I seem to have so much in common with our symptoms. I hope that you find some answers soon! Thank you so much for responding to my posts. You're a very special person!


  8. Your polar bear avatar is really cute! I feel like that some days!

  9. I really sympathize with your daughter. I believe I had Cushings even as a child and really understand what she's going through. How is she doing now?

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