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  1. Shelley, I forgot to mention a condition called temporal arteritis, or giant cell arteritis. symptoms can include changes in vision, headaches, and generally feeling like being run over by a bus might feel better. The scary thing is that in this particular condition, if not treated - with massive long term prednisone up to 2 yrs- just something to look up an compare symptoms. neck and jaw pain,

  2. I always appreciate you taking the time to comment or answer my posts.Thanks!

  3. Thank you for your kind words:)

  4. justashell

    Reminder! Dr Friedman Tonight!

    Somehow it finally started... Great Job! Thanks!!!
  5. justashell

    Reminder! Dr Friedman Tonight!

    I don't know about anyone else---but I'm having trouble getting things to load up...
  6. justashell

    Questions for Dr Friedman

    What is the relationship between thyroid and cortisol? Why does diabetes get all the attention? Do you believe there is a chance that the ubiquitous artificial light we are exposed to causes some disruption of the pineal, pituitary or other glands? Do fictional shows like "House" and documentary shows like the one that featured you, "The Science of Obesity", help develop interest in endocrine research? How can we help further endocrine research? Why are so many doctors (other than you) so dismissive of patients symptoms? What can we do to help our doctors figure out complex medical issues? What changes would you like to see in the field of medicine? What would you as a doctor like the public to know? What changes would you like to see in the field of medicine? or: What have been the biggest changes you've seen in the field of medicine?
  7. Thanks Shell for the pics, we totally look like sistah's...

  8. thanks so much shelly for your comment on my post tc joxx

  9. Media Moguls, MaryO and StaticNrg go where Oprah fears to tread... Way to GO!!! Way to GO!!! Way to Go Dr. Rob!!!
  10. Shelley! Hi! Do you have IM? :)

  11. I am very new to the site and just starting to poke around in the forums when I can find time (I am a single mother of a 4yr old little boy) during and after work. I wanted to tell you that some of your posts have really made me smile, and have helped me in many ways :) Oh and we share the same birthday! Take care and talk soon!

  12. justashell

    Are you Hormonally Challenged?

    I want the same hormonal challenges that those skinny and beautiful chicks have. How come I got stuck with the nasty hormonal ones? I especially liked the one about out of estrogen---I have a gun. Would love to send it to my ex-pcp who took me off estrogen after Time magazine came out saying that HRT is "bad" for you. Ugh!!!
  13. Thank you so much. There is at least one of your posts I read someplace each day that makes me smile.

  14. Hey I gotta blame something for looking like a crack-addict and feeling like the old gray mare... I ain't what I used to be that's for sure!!! 6 people??? Yikes! You've got your work cut out for you!!! Take it easy...come summer, they'll find my body buried beneath all laundry...(just kidding ) Go easy on that laundry folding and putting away---researchers may find a link between that and Cushings...
  15. I like it. Especially the "ugly"...I remember when I was first reading up on it---and tried to tell others what I'd learned---I heard it called the "ugly disease" and "old horse" disease. I felt like an ugly, old horse back then.