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  1. Missing you today...and always, Kate :(

  2. Kate, New Jersey Pit Surgery #1 - Jan. 2007 (Failed) Pit Surgery #2 - July 2007 (Total Pit Removal; Failed) CSF Leak Surgeries - Oct. 2007 (Failed; still have small leak) Open BLA with 18" incision - Sept. 11, 2008 Gamma Knife Radiosurgery - Oct. 2009 No pit, no adrenals, radiation damage to hypothalamus (cannot regulate body temp.)
  3. Hi Mary, I would just like to add that I am gearing up for a BLA and radiation right after that as my tumor has been confirmed in the cavernous sinus now. I am looking forward to the interview, and hope that it will be helpful to everyone. Hugs, Kate
  4. Fairley

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    Mary, I'm looking forward to it. I think it will be neat that my mom will be here, too. I hope talking about Cushing's issues will help others. Looking forward to calling in on the 17th.... Love, Kate
  5. Fairley

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    Mary, sign me up for July 17. My mom will also be here and maybe can answer some questions about what it's like to support someone through the diagnostic and treatment process. Just someone let me know where to call and how this all works...I'm a newbie to the radio stuff! Hugs, Kate
  6. Happy Birthday Kate!!!!!! :)

  7. Third times the charm. Hope things move along fast. Hope you are getting some kind of pain relief.

  8. Fairley

    Would anyone be interested in these?

    I love them and would definitely buy one. Just a thought: would it be helpful if the word Cushing's was somewhere at the bottom? -- or is the fact that the disease we've survived meant to open a line of dialogue (in which case, it is perfect as is!) Either way, love it, will buy it! Love, Kate
  9. Fairley

    Car Ribbon Magnets License Plate Frames

    Hi all, I am trying to purchase the LAST LARGE blue band -- it says there is one left -- but then when I try to check out, it says that there is insufficient stock. I would like to buy this for myself as a 40th birthday present. Does anyone know if there is an extra one floating around? I can tell from the thread that no more large blue bands are getting ordered....(and I can't wear a medium).... Thanks, Kate
  10. You, Sir, are an imposter and NOT WELCOME HERE. Please understand that this is a forum for people with Cushing's Syndrome. We are NOT interested in your scam. GO AWAY!!!!

  11. Kate, You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Plus one smart lady. I miss you too, hoping for a cure. Sallyt

  12. Sue, just a note to let you know I am thinking of you and hope you are well....please keep in touch! Love, Kate

  13. Hi Kate,

    We miss you but hope you're resting and healing...

    Tami and Amber