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  1. Happen to have an ipod? They can be downloaded. Judy
  2. Great job again ladies!! Judy
  3. That was great! Judy
  4. Sorry, I can't help you Shell. Mine loaded easily. Judy
  5. When I saw this topic, I thought "and she has a surgery date now" You guys do a great job of interviewing. Judy
  6. judycolby

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    Sign up Lisa, I want to hear your story! The topic is "you & Cushing's"!!!! Really, it's easy, just like visiting on the phone, you tend to forget that anyone is listening besides the interviewer. Judy
  7. I'm listening right now & he's good! You sure got a keeper Monica!!!!!!!!!! Judy
  8. Dave, I miss your posts. I hope you find a doctor that helps restore your health.

  9. Dave, I've been missing your posts. I really hope things start to turn around for you & you get your health back.

  10. Just thought I would drop in and say hi.

  11. judycolby

    Tonight, Karen (rooon55) in VoiceChat

    Good job, stay tuned for part II. Judy
  12. judycolby

    Tonight Robin (staticnrg) in VoiceChat!

    I agree. This was the first time I got to listen live. What I really want to know though, is if Mary O's hubby is okay. Judy
  13. That was great!!! Alicia, I'm sure it was hard to relive certain portions of your life. But I suspect that someone will recognize themselves amd become more persistant in getting answers. Great job all three of you. Judy
  14. I'll listen to it tomorrow. Were going to listen to it at the health fair but needed a code to get into the colleges wireless internet! So we couldn't listen then bu will tomorrow. Judy