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  1. Wow 8.4 on the first try. These are textbook adrenal numbers. I hope your doctors come to their senses.
  2. Hi Amanda, Based on what you posted, this is a slam dunk. If they don't diagnose you quickly you should go elsewhere. The lit recommends removing anything over 4 cm. You actually have convincing biochemical evidence with a rather high UFC and concurrent low ACTH (<10 pg/mL). I'm assuming you're using Quest for the UFC since he said it's not 2x high. Most people don't get to 2x on LC/MS-MS with mild/adrenal Cushing's. Let us know the dex results. The cutoff is 1.8 ug/dL.
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    Yes, that is common.
  4. This would be a huge loss if the boards close. Surely there's a way to do site backup / archiving. I think the information here is much too valuable to lose forever.
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