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  1. PeeQueen

    Are you Hormonally Challenged?

    I think that is a savings of almost $4.00/pc. I paid $20.99 for one novelty pill box. It arrived yesterday, and it's very cute, smaller than I thought it would be. It does not take up much space in my handbag. I like that. It also came with a black suede pocket into which I have put it for protection.
  2. PeeQueen

    Are you Hormonally Challenged?

    Robin, thanks for putting the link on our site. You know me when it comes to computers.... I ordered the zebra stripes one for myself. I think I will use one compartment for Cortef, the other for ddavp, and the last one for? maybe dhea. I am still looking for a monthly pill box and something red "emergency" looking for the Solu-Cortef in my purse. I am carrying the Solu-Cortef in a zip-lock bag. It is not attractive and might never be found when I need it. If you have any ideas where I could find these, please let me know. I am glad you all like the boxes. They also have jewelry for the emergency Cortef dose, but I have one on my key-chain already. PeeQueen
  3. I just ordered this very cute pill box for in my purse. Maybe Mary can find out whether there'd be a discount if more of these boxes were bought. The company's name is: forgettingthepill.com The box I ordered is silver and it says "Hormonally Challenged". I thought that was very fitting, no? PeeQueen
  4. PeeQueen


    Yep, I bought one of their shirts two years ago before going in for surgery. I have the babydoll shaped one with tiny sleeves and not baggy. My daughter got the Cushing's Support Staff one.
  5. PeeQueen

    Backpacks, Messenger Bags and stuff

    What kind of poster, Mary? I am planning on raising awareness for Cushing's at my Nursing School. It would be really nice to have a big poster. I am also personally interested in the license plate. Did you see the phrases I posted for bumperstickers? What do you think?
  6. PeeQueen

    Bumper Sticker

    My husband has come up with these ideas for bumper stickers. Cushing's-A Tumor that's the Pits! That Humpback's Not a Cushion! It's Cushing's Disease! A Humpback? Please! I have Cushing's Disease! A Face like a Full Moon? As about Cushing's real soon! Heart Race? Moon Face? Gained Weight out of Place? Find out about Cushing's Disease! Please send any comments or suggestions!
  7. PeeQueen

    Customized Bumper Stickers

    I like it! But, it would be for a Tshirt, right? (Front and Back)? I just ordered the ribbon magnet for seven Dollars.
  8. PeeQueen

    Customized Bumper Stickers

    It would be good if we had several layouts and then vote for the best one. I personally don't like the "fat" one, because people might think it's another diet or exercise program. I do like the one Mertie suggested. But I am sure there will be more ideas coming from others.
  9. PeeQueen

    Customized Bumper Stickers

    I would like to put a sticker on my van that would raise awareness for Cushings in people driving behind me. Somewhere I once saw a T-Shirt that said something about: Sex starts in the Pituitary. And then on the other side something with Cushings. I did not buy it, because it was too daring to wear here. But we have lots of people on the boards that could come up with a design and a logo that we'd all like. I prefer a sticker over wearing a plastic bracelet. And: I could buy several and send them to friends/family all over the world to stick on their cars.
  10. PeeQueen

    Car Ribbon Magnets License Plate Frames

    Hello Mary! I am very interested in the bumper sticker and possible the hooded sweater. Do you have a picture of either? Heike.