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  1. Cushing’s Help is 14 Today!

    Happy Birthday Cushings-Help.com!!!!!!!!!! I would like to say thank you to Mary and to everyone here for all the support throught the years. Mary- Thank you for starting Cushings Support and all youre tireless work- With out of all the information that is here and board members support, i most probaly would never have been able to wean off steroids. I wouldn't have known what to expect through all the stages of recovery and be prepared for it. There is so much more i would like to say, but the damm cognitve function is a bit slow to put the words together. Your work is appreciated thankyou! Hugs Anka
  2. Support This Site! It is EXPENSIVE!

    Donation sent- Thank you MaryO, i would have gone crazy without the support of the Cushings website. I have made many friends here who have helped me through the recovery and am forever gratefull!!! Anka
  3. Wow Anka - am a fellow Melbournite and your photos have made me feel like there might be light at the end of the tunnel.. undiagnosed, but only starting the journey - first dex suppression test last week, results pending. You look fantastic! :)

  4. Your hanging on my refridgerator as a reminder that I can have a cure, too!

  5. Anka

    Post opp
  6. You look amazing. I am so happy for you..You gave me Hope...