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  1. Psstt!!! Hey chickie! I wub u!

  2. Hey Queen Dork of the Universe (as you call yourself). You are in my thoughts and prayers and I can't wait to talk to you when you get home!! I love you and miss you too! Get well!!

  3. Mar, Oh girl!!! I am so excited for you!!! I wish you the best of luck with the show, I know you will be great!! I hate that I can never listen to it live or call in, but you know my heart is there with you!! Luv you, Lorri
  4. Hey girlfriend!! Love ya!!!

  5. SFAM...Sister's From Another Mother!!! Hi Sis, just wanted you to know you are the greatest!! Have a great YEAR!! This will be the one for you!!! Love you bunches, Lorri


  7. Terry, I wanted to wish you a great interview and show. I know you will be wonderful and I hope I can hear it one day. I can't listen live because of the time it's on I'm in commute from work. But good luck and I'll have to listen to the recorded version. You have a lot to offer. Break a leg, Hugs, Lorri
  8. Melissa, I have been thinking of how to get cushings on the Opra show too. I know many have tried but it still seems to be of no interest. As tragic as it is, I was wondering if we could speak with Lori's family members and see if we could send her story of not being dx'd in time and dr's not knowing how to do the surgery or offer proper post-op care to the Opra show. Also add someones elses story with it from one of the cushies here that has been fighting for years and still not able to get dx'd. Hopefull they would be willing to be a spokes person. Maybe the story, although tragic might spark some interest on how serious this disease is and how more dr.s need to be trained in this area to get us cured faster. Great ideas going on here. Hugs, Lorri
  9. Lorri, you are such a precious, giving person. You are the type of person that always puts others before yourself. You are truly an inspiration to me & I admire you so very much. Besides the fact that you are such a warm, caring person....you are a hoot! You can always make me laugh! I love ya girl & I'm so happy that I have found such a dear friend here on the boards.

  10. Cindy, I love the inspiration you give, not only to me but to others as well. You have such an ease to the words you post. It gives me such great comfort to read any posts you have written. You are truly a light in this dark world.

    Luv ya, Lorri

  11. Lorri


    I just wanted everyone to know that I ordered the new t-shirts that say "Got Hump". It is strategically placed right across the chest which I thought was funny. My husband walked in and said you mean "Got Humps". I mean after all that is one place you also gain weight. So it is a very noticable t-shirt. Make sure it has a ribbon on the back and if you have long hair wear it up, so people won't be afraid to ask you about it. My parents had raised eyebrows when they first saw it, until I showed the ribbon and explained it was to get awareness out about cushings. I really like mine. I got the buy 3 get 1 free. It was only $55 shipping included. If you order please note that it has an area that says if it is a tight fitting shirt and to get a larger size in those if you want it looser. Lorri
  12. Yes I would love the magnets and wristbands, 10 each. Thanks Mary O for all that you do. It is deeply appreciated.
  13. I am in the same delima as you, except my test was a 20, but all the others were high. I was told they have to give your labs to you so just demand it. good luck