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  1. conti

    Support This Site! It is EXPENSIVE!

    hiiJoey, f you look at the right side of the main page when you login, you will see the donation site and Donations: 801.61 USD || Goal PayPal is good and anything helps, thanks. Dave
  2. conti

    Support This Site! It is EXPENSIVE!

    Hiya Robin, Good to see your name here again...hope you're doing better. I agree with you entirely and it is so embarrassing that folks have to be embarrassed into making a minimal donation to support a facility which is of tremendous value to all who come here. ....and you know doing without those Big Macs and the other stuff would also help with weight control a little. In the UK we have a National Health Service which is essentially funded by employees' compulsory contribution until they reach retirement age and then you get a pension based on how much you've contributed over your working life. I think generally US ages are considerably higher than here in the UK and therefore you have the capability to buy your health care. Would $10 really be difficult for most people or are they just happy to let a few, including the creator of the site, pay the dues. Count me in. Best wishes Dave
  3. Lydi,

    You've been gone too long. Hope you're safe.

    Captain Pugwash, King of Pirates.

  4. Lydi...How are you?

  5. Gracie, long time. Your avatar pic is showing a different face to the one we all knew...you're looking great and I hope feeling good too. I know youhave problems with your kiddies health and hope that things soon get sorted out for them. Best wishes


  6. your inbox is filled, awwww, can't write to you pirate.

  7. Dave, I miss your posts. I hope you find a doctor that helps restore your health.

  8. Dave, I've been missing your posts. I really hope things start to turn around for you & you get your health back.

  9. How about publishing a small Cushie Joke Book, get a publisher involved and take a rake off for the Support Board Funds. Dave
  10. Dave,

    Please never stop posting, I look forward to your posts. You are always able to put a smile on my face, even on my bad day.



  11. Dave, i thought you were just a crazy guy at first and avoided your posts....now i find i look for your posts and find you a bright funny and really nice guy. So sad in life we sometimes quickly dismiss the chance to learn a purely bright spot in our lives. I almost missed knowing you. Please keep us laughing and being kind. Youre always there for us, hope we can make you laugh too.

  12. You HAVE to laugh. Best sound in the world.

  13. Dave, You brighten my days! I can always count on you for a good laugh and just want you to know that I appreciate it. I am thinking of you this week and hoping that your testing goes well! You deserve freedom from this.

    Keep us posted on how it goes.


  14. conti

    Bumper Sticker

    "Cushing's disease.....suffered by the few, ignored by the masses!"