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    Number 1 on my "to do" list:
    Get a successful surgery.
    Number 2:
    Get on with LIFE. .. .
    meaning: Getting back into dance,
    getting a nonstressful job until
    I can handle a real job. Figuring
    out what I want to do with my life
    education and
    career-wise.. ."up-ing" the
    tattered cognitive skills. .
    . and quite frankly,
    just having fun!

    Life's too short to be
    taken too seriously.

    Being an eloquent writer
    again some day would be an
    added bonus.

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  1. P.S. Thanks for thinking of me!

  2. I miss you too!!! How are you doing? Love you bunches, Nicole

  3. I miss you honey, drop me a line - You're never far from my thoughts!



  4. Hey Robin, Just wanted to 'drop by' and say thank you for all of your support. I think you are simply smashing, darlin'.

    Hope you are well.


  5. Have you seen the brain doc yet???? Hope your doing okay!

  6. Mary,

    You are the best!

    I just love you.


  7. thanks nic!!

    I've heard some great things about him, too.

    But I just really would like to meet him! haha

    I'm not very impressed with his assistant I've been seeing.

    She dismissed me and was really rude about it the last time I was there

    so I'm nervous.....

    I'm really planning on LA.... just getting the $$$ is a problem :(

  8. haha your inbox is full!!!

    it's Dr. Wahlen here in Ogden... I haven't actually seen him yet, just his nurse... who i can't think of her name... I just call her Dr. Evil. haha

  9. Banana Phone by Raffi

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

    Banana phone

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

    Banana phone

    I've got this feeling

    so appealing

    for us to get together and sing - SING!

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

    Banana phone

    Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding

    Donana phone

    It grows in bunches

  10. persephone


    Somehow, Lisa, I've this crazy inclination that Cushie in Training is not the only t-shirt slogan idea rolling around that creative and quick-witted head of yours. Dunno (shrug) just a vibe Nic

  12. Well here I am at Camp Cushie I got my PICC line in this morning it did not hurt one bit but it sounds really invasive the way Garrett discribed what they did. I made it through today. Tommarow I have no clue what I am going to do. I do feel pretty high so thats good in a way other than that I am cranky and feel hot and bloated. How are things going? Give me a call somtime I am deathly board h

  13. I have had a glass of wine so I am going to keep the comment short. I hope all is well, and I hope you feel better soon and hope and pray for the best in the future. LOVE MEL

  14. I love you, Jada! You are strong, beautiful, and amazing. I feel so blessed to know you! We're going to make it, babe. ... . and then, watch out. . .. it's you and I hitting the stage on American Idol. Oh boy, cover your ears folks! By this time, however, we won't have to make sure our left thumbnail isn't dirt ridden! Oh, you're so funny, you're so much lik