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  1. hi cindy it does give me some kind of hope when i hear what you said tc joxx

  2. Just stopped by to catch up. You have been through a lot! I'm glad you are over the worst. Thanks for the inspiration and pep talks!

  3. Oh wow, I can't believe you had to go through all that, glad you made it back, finally!!!

  4. CindyRPT

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    Sounds like a winner. I'll keep ya'll posted! Ha! Cindy 1 Robin 0
  5. CindyRPT

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    I'll throw my hat in here. I'm supposed to have sinus surgery sometime soon, since a CSF leak was ruled out. Yeah!. But once I get all over that, I'd be happy to do an interview if you'd have me. Do you mind a Kentucky southern accent? I like to say "ya'll" a lot. I'll keep you updated when I have my surgery scheduled & will be ready to go post-op. Great program you have going here. It's so wonderful to hear everyone's unique story! Hugs, Cindy
  6. Good ol' Harvey has made such a difference in my life, that's for sure! I am so grateful. I have tried to educate my friends & family about this disease as much as I can, but what really amazes me is how many people in the medical field do not know about Cushing's. Over the past year, I have been to many different doctors, and have been asked "What is Cushing's". I had blood drawn just last week & the phlebotomist asked "What is Cushing's?". I had a bone density test, the tech was asking me what Cushing's was. I had a CT scan last week, the X-Ray technician asked "What is Cushing's?". I even had a nurse ask me "What exactly is Cushing's?" I am amazed!!! So, I have made it my goal, in honor of Cushing's Awareness Day, to educate as many people as I can. It's a shame that people in the MEDICAL FIELD don't know what it is! So, every doctor's appointment, every lab, any contact I have with medical personnel....even the receptionists.....I am going to tell them about Cushing's. No telling how many people in the medical field don't really know what Cushing's is, but are too embarassed to ask because they are in the medical field and they realize they SHOULD know what it is. It's embarassing to admit not knowing about a certain disease. The great thing that happened last week ....when I told the X-Ray tech about Cushing's, she said she had a friend that sounded just like that. She actually asked how to spell it (they always want to spell it like Cushion's) and she wrote it down. I hope her friend gets the help she needs. So, that's my mission. HAPPY CUSHING'S AWARENESS DAY YA'll!!! Hugs, Cindy
  7. Thanks for the support(0:

  8. Oh no offense taken at all!!! Anyone who has suffered with Cushing's would definitely call it the Ugly Disease....it know it makes me feel ugly both inside & outside! So I'm totally understanding you there. It's a nasty ,unforgiving and destructive disease that's for sure!!!
  9. Nice work! Cushing's most definitely is an "Ugly Disease" I'm not quite sure what other's take would be on it. But anyone suffering with Cushing's most definitely would call it that! I have always thought about "Cushing's......What you don't know, CAN hurt you." Something to entice people to ask questions about Cushing's because most people have never heard of it. I found this good news article about a woman on the East coast with Cushing's. She calls it an "Ugly Disease". Sounds just like all of us & what we have been through. Is this doctor on the "Helpful Doctors" list? Sounds pretty knowledgeable. http://archive.seacoastonline.com/news/113...shings-n29.html
  10. Holy Guacamole Christy!! You are just a few weeks post op & you are blazing trails here! What a great idea contacting a family member!! Hopefully, you will be able to get in contact with the grandkids that are more involved with their granddad's work and you just might be able to get your foot into the door. Who else would be more interested in getting the "Cushing" name recognized more than his family?! Kudos to you girl! Keep us posted. Hugs, Cindy P.S. Hope your post op recovery continues to go well. Sounds like it is so far!!!
  11. Stacey, you are such an adorable gal! I am so thankful for meeting you in Seattle. It was truly a blessing! I consider you a true friend. I hope & pray that we will be able to see each other again someday. And this time, both of us Cushing's free & feelin' fine!!! Love & Hugs, Cindy

  12. Lorri, you are such a precious, giving person. You are the type of person that always puts others before yourself. You are truly an inspiration to me & I admire you so very much. Besides the fact that you are such a warm, caring person....you are a hoot! You can always make me laugh! I love ya girl & I'm so happy that I have found such a dear friend here on the boards.

  13. Cindy, I love the inspiration you give, not only to me but to others as well. You have such an ease to the words you post. It gives me such great comfort to read any posts you have written. You are truly a light in this dark world.

    Luv ya, Lorri