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  1. missaf


    Have you read the info and side effects for Korlym? More than 60% of the women that have taken it end up feeling worse and not better while taking it. Men seem to do better.
  2. I wish there was a more candid discussion about this. Far too many women are wondering about the risks of passing Cushing's along in some form to their children. Some have chosen to adopt, others to not have any more children period (because of the fatigue of the disease), and other still choose to pursue live births. I personally can't wait to have my tubes tied and move on without worry. My son is already trending towards symptoms and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, let alone a child...
  3. missaf

    It's PCOS, but is it cushings?!?!

    Glad you found us, but sorry you had to find us! You are right to consider Cushing's. PCOS and Syndrome X mimic many symptoms of Cushing's but just like any syndrome, it's a catch-all phrase and needs to be investigated and ruled out before a final diagnosis is to be done. It sounds like you have an ally with this doctor who saw you in the hall. I would ask him who he would refer you to that would be able to help you. Finding a good endocrinologist willing to diagnose Cushing's or rule it out completely is half the battle.
  4. missaf

    Dr. Friedman Interviews

    Are we asking questions here or in another thread?
  5. Wow, tempting. Seriously tempting. When I have my annual phone appointment I'll ask him what follow up he would need.
  6. Non-cushie question: Do you believe there's a connection between Fybromyalgia and thyroid disease, and what that connection might be?
  7. Yay! Thank you Dr. F! What results were you seeing from the cortisol hair samples in comparison with diagnoses of patients? Do you think this test will be beneficial in the future? For those Cushing's patients with chronic pain, and with proper legal and medical authorization, what is your opinion on marijuana use in the un-diagnosed or relapsing "Cushie?"
  8. Holy Adrenal Insufficiency, Batman! My 2 hour post-prandial blood sugar is 100!

    1. MCF


      what is it usually? I aim for about 100 at that point.

  9. is sporting a Kilt today! What a great way to celebrate 1 year after my 2nd pit surgery! Cushies in Kilts!

  10. Happy Veterans Day, especially to our Cushie Veterans! You're not forgotten!

  11. wishes her friends could really understand what she means by joint pain. Yes, it's that sprained ankle feeling, in EVERY joint! :(

  12. Don't forget to stock up on D3 for the winter!

  13. had a rough day yesterday and had to use her injectable for the first time ever.

    1. saberlowe
    2. missaf


      ooo found out why! Sinus infection and a cold! Ugh.