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  1. Truth about cure from surgery.

    There is no clear cut answer to anything involving Cushings. Everyone's journey and outcome is so different that nothing anyone says can be taken as gospel. I have gotten a remission out of one surgery. It also took me a long time to feel like myself taking off the weight and not feeling vulnerable physically. My memory was affected by the Cushings and I have not gotten back everything. I also cannot pull words and answers out of the air now and I do word puzzles to keep my mind sharper. it helps a little and I am older so I always have that excuse too.:-). For the record I had a microadenoma and when he operated he removed suspicious tissue from the pituitary. We had to wait until the pathology report to come back to know if indeed there was tumor and if it was an ACTH producing tumor ....and stay tuned tuned to see if it was totally removed and if little cells remain to give you a reoccurance. Even with small tumors they don't know if they are completely successful and time is the only way to tell that story. That is Cushings and how it might play out is up in the air. Sure it can come back even after long period but I am well now and I don't dwell on it anymore. The longer you go the better the chances of staying in remission...I am hopeful. Good luck and stay positive.
  2. Sharon from Long Island-Pituitary Surgery Nov 2007 Mt Sinai Hospital New York City- in remission.
  3. IT'S THERE! MaryO Interview

    Missed the live but listened a few hours later. LOVED IT!! You were both terrific, and I will be looking to many more podcasts. Thank you Robin and Mary! You did real good!!! Sharon