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    Hockey, hockey, hockey, and hockey. Along with Disney, anything Disney. I love to shop, too bad I can't fit into anything I like. Ha ha ha. I wish I looked better so that I could get an acting gig.

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  1. How common is it for things like asthma to reappear or get worse after a BLA? Since mine has reappeared with a vengeance, I've had to be placed on a steroid inhaler plus albuterol. Does cortef dosing need to be adjusted to account for the extra steroids in the inhaler or is it such a small dose it doesn't matter? Thanks.
  2. hockeygirl


    ANything glittery rocks! Especially if it comes in purple. Awesome! Regular flocking is kind of annoying, stuff sticks to it and it looks weird, but it's got a nice 80's retro feel to it so I'd probably by 1 or 2. Yeah, I'm a clothes zebra! Ha ha ha
  3. Hey! Thanks for your comment. The only problem is, my heart isn't speaking loud enough. Above my heart pounding, my exhaustion, my dizzieness...I don't even know how to listen anymore. I just think I would die if I went up to mayo and they had nothing for me. But that could happen anywhere! Anyhow, I also wanted to thank you for all the support you've given me lately! Thank

  4. Happy for you get more highs soon. (0: I had a nightmare apt with the ENT two fridays ago theres a post about it. xoxoxo

  5. Have the testing Blues...I do to.

  6. hockeygirl


    Ahhhh, you know me too well my young Jedi Knight. Follow Yoda of the T-Shirt Slogans here and I shall show you the way.
  7. Still dreaming pink elaphants...lol. Hope all is well.

  8. hockeygirl


    I'm debating as to which one I want. I'm not a survivor, I'm not an expert, I'm sort of a Cushie in Training. Maybe we need Cushie in Training shirts? Ha ha ha.
  9. hockeygirl


    If you're looking for T-shirts, use this: http://www.cafepress.com/cushingshelp to shop. The other one on here is kind of weird and outdated and will end up telling you that it can't find any of the shirts. They do still exist. Mary is going to work on consolidating the links and updating them.