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  1. I do not know this person or have any connection, he just seems like a guy who would answer a question for you. I have gotten some good info from this site. This guy is a pathologist, here is some info from his site click here It looks like you can e-mail him, maybe you could tell him what you are looking for. It looks like he appreciates donations to a childrens fund. "The Pathology Guy" Ed Friedlander MD 1750 Independence Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64106 816-283-2202 (Gwen Dodd) Fax 816-283-2251 This is my personal site, unconnected to any employer! E-Mail to: scalpel_blade@yahoo.com If you're a private individual who's enjoyed this site, and want to say, "Thank you, Ed!", then what I'd like best is a contribution to the Episcopalian home for abandoned, neglected, and abused kids in Nevada: St. Jude's Ranch for Children PO Box 60100 Boulder City, NV 89006--0100 I've spent time there and they are good. Write "Thanks Ed" on your check Good luck, Teresa
  2. Trish, thanks for the article, I hope everyone will get checked for this. I do need to say that being hypercoagulable has made many doctors afraid of me. The good Dr. F did not blink an eye, bless his heart. so please be aware. Teresa
  3. I never believe it unless I've seen it with my own eyes. I think that is one of the most improtant things a person can do to improve the quality of their healthcare, always get a copy of the results. good article.
  4. Well it was fun talking to you tonight sorry if I went on and on and on. Hope all is well.

  5. Karen, I am looking forward to your next installment on blogtalk. Thank you for sharing your story. Teresa
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