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Found 31 results

  1. Update on Renata Hi, I'm Renata's sister. She wanted me to let everyone know that her surgery went well.
  2. Marisa

    Got a pre op date

    They called me back, and schedule another pre op for Feb 8th. So I go there and stay there until the next day for surgery. I hope that nothing spoils it this time. I kept them up to date on what changes were happening to me and they never said anything. I hope the high and low bp wont affect things and the ekg, I had last time they didnt like so they gave me an echo, and I am guessing everything is fine to go. At least it was back then. Hopefully it will be again.
  3. Well thought about it this past weekend about my pre op I had done on Dec 17th. Surgery originally scheduled for Jan 6th, but was messed up by the hospital oversight in no putting my name on the list for surgery that day. I had to go back home. New date for surgery is Feb 9th, next Tuesday....so I call the surgeons office and ask if the date of Dec 17th pre op was ok for a Feb 9th surgery. OH NO she says, certainly not. Well why didnt anyone reschedule me?????? Did they forget I exist???? Such morons. So she says she will try to get info today regarding another pre op and call me back this morning. Do I think she will? I have no idea. Each day passing is closer to the date ...i just dont want that to screw it up again..... I cant take it anymore. So she also says "maybe they will do a bedside pre op" hmmmm, i dont think so because my pre op last time they didnt like my ekg and i had to have an ultrasound, and had to be called back from half way home to go back and have it done that day. Ducks in a row???? I dont think so. If we do not keep track of everything this is what happens. I thought I was being overly cautious, guess its good to be that way. I like being a preventer, so that I can make sure things go right ahead of time by avoiding things or making sure they get done. My sign on should have been The Preventer!!!!! Im mad, I want to roid out, and rage ....but I stay calm while speaking with them because being sweet get us further...but I hate being sweet in this situation, can we say BRING ON MORE STRESS PLEASE?????
  4. When I got home yesterday from work, I had a message on my phone from the surgeons assistant. First of all over a week ago I emailed the asst. with info on my crazy bp and blood sugar number...I had a few questions and never got a reply. This past Wednesday I called and asked to speak to the same assistant I email and they gave her my message which was: I wanted to know what the medic alert bracelet is supposed to say. Next I wanted to know where to obtain the emergency kit with hydro, or when will I get one. Those are the only two questions I had. My message machine at home had this reply. She stated who she was (remember too they know I work and have both a work phone and cell, but they call my house where I am not) then she proceeded to say "they do not have a prescription for the bracelets one normally orders them from the internet." Okay I know this, and of course did not get my answer. Now for the answer about the emergency kit with hydro, she says "you wont need any hydro after the surgery because you are not a bilateral adrenalectomy" okay this scares me a lot. I have no confidence in who is doing anything. And to leave a message like that without talking to me to make sure of what my questions were....need I say more. I dont know what to do as the day gets closer..... Cushings and too much cortisol, now worry more and more....how comforting.
  5. Marisa


    Well it's Friday today. I have one more week of work to go and a Monday before my surgery. Friday's are the most difficult, as all week I never get the sleep I need, and this morning I had a bad sinus headache. Had to stand in the hottest shower I could tolerate and make my headache go away. The changes in temperature here in Florida this year is so varied, everyone is having allergies and sinus problems as well as upper respiratory infections. I go around and spray our offices in our department, door knobs, keyboards, phones, light switches, just to try to keep the germs at bay. I am so tired today, and had that 'woozy' feeling on the way to work. Took bp and it was 154/94, not bad for me right now, and my blood sugar was 206. Only drank coffee with no sugar. The woozy feeling also makes me have a feeling of fear in my chest, so here it is Ativan/Lorazepam time again. With the palpitations and weird doom feeling that is the only way I can make it through the day. I wish so much I could stay home until my surgery but life does not let me, as I have not much time off built up to take off for my surgery. I will actually be taking leave without pay for about a week and a few days. (This is if I am able to go back to work March 1st, which is my goal, surgery is Feb 9th) I am hurting today, back of my neck, and head. I cant wait to post after the surgery and hopefully be able to tell you what is NOT hurting and all the positive things. Every time I get a congestion headache, or allergy sinus problem, the back of my neck where the skull is on both sides of my backbone, aches something fierce. At home I apply heat and it helps a lot. Today I am still reading about how to dose after surgery. Nervous about it and reading Gracie's postings and how confident she is about her BLA and her meds, gives me confidence but I just worry still. I will have one adrenal left, she is so poised and confident with both gone and is so positive in her postings. She should hire herself out as an assistant to all adrenal patients! post surgery. I take lots of vitamin C because I read it helps lower cortisol. But I still cannot get a good night's sleep! Waiting for after the surgery for that. My son is coming home this weekend, and he is the one I worry about cushings. His stretch marks, and lack of healthy sleep pattern make me concerned. A mother's love never goes on vacation, and I worry about him until I can get him tested. What a long trip that will be.
  6. Marisa


    I have to go to work everyday because I have to build up my time for time off for my surgery. I will still have to take Family Leave Medical Act for my time off as it will be without pay. But I will still have a job to come back to. Mondays are bad enough, but I have gained a bit of strength during the weekend when I get to take a little nap in the daytime. Nights are horrible as the cortisol levels are so high I wake up every hour on the hour or half hour, and get no rest. By the time Thursday gets here, I am utterly exhausted and then I think all day I have to come in tomorrow. Its killing me. I have one more week to do this and one more day then my surgery date. Can I make it? Sometimes I wonder if i will or not. I am foggy brained, look horrible, co workers can tell what type of night i had due to the way i walk and talk. Slowly, and sometime I dont say anything at all. Eyes half closed, body does not want to function, and my heart palpitations keep doing their thing, so I take ativan and the fatigue gets worse. Sometimes dizzy spells, and woozy spells....and I cannot even function. I begged to go home one day for fear I would pass out at work. Think? Concentrate? what is that? Did i used to know how to accomplish those two things? Relax is not in my vocabulary either, I guess after the surgery it will be a learned task. I hope I succeed. I am now concerned about having to get my emergency kit before I go to surgery, but from whom do I get it? And I read that I should have hydro and florinef (if needed) filled before my surgery. Also the emergency bracelet...but what should i have it say? I want to be prepared but really am at a loss. Like I need someone to tell me what to do since right now I dont seem to be able to think for myself. Any lists for me please let me know. Thank you in advance, Renata
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