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Excellent! Thank you so much.... one thing I would encourage tho is for everyone to also call the US Senator's local office, and ask for the Senator's Washington office so that you can speak with his/her Assistant is deals with Health Issues. Let them both know that this "Dear Collegue" letter is coming, and that they need to contact Suzanne in Sen. Inhofe's office.


There was one sent in the fall, I think in Oct or Nov and only one Senator responded, that was another one from Oklahoma-Senator Coburn. We are asking the Senators to co-sponsor the Resolution to make April 8th, Cushing's Awareness Day. Then tell them you have sent the e-mail and ask for a call back to see if the Senator will help co-sponsor it.


I can't remember if I said all of that in the last nights post..I was half asleep when I found Suzanne's e-mail asking for the help.


When I first contacted my Senators office, I also sent a letter outlining what I had dealt with personally, and of situations with my friends who had dealt with it to some degree.


My understanding, if I was to call the Senator from another state, they don't really listen to you, so it has to be someone from that state calling their Senator. Which makes sense....so having friends/relatives calling will help tremendously!


So I've contacted Oklahoma, a friend is contacting Utah, what other states do we have??? Thanks! Cheryl f

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I'm going to post more about the Senators/Cushing's awareness day under that section, but I wasn't sure anyone was going to read it and that's why I posted it here as well, as it's so dear to Sue's heart.


Please remember to call your Senator, you can call their local office, but ask to get the phone # for the Assistant who is over the Health issues in Washington, ask her to contact Suzanne, and ask that the Senator co-sponsor the Cushing's Awareness Day, and that the "Dear Collegue" letter will be there in a day or two.


The letter was sent in the fall, Oct or Nov, and only one Senator, another one from Oklahoma responded to co-sponsor. So please follow-up and ask that they call you back to see if he/she will help co-sponsor it.


I need to get to work, but if you have any questions, please PM me, or e-mail me and I'll get with you tonight...love, cheryl


Thank you all! It will happen...ask your family friends from other states to call their senators too...

I appreciate all those who have already e-mailed, called their Senators...this can happen, because of you! MAKE THAT CALL!!!

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I want to thank everyone who has contacted their senators/congressmen. I feel that in the next two weeks that the Senate will officially give us the Cushing's Awareness Day, something that many have worked on for several years.

If it hadn't been for people like Jayne, who inspired us to work on it and for all that she did to get the ball rolling, I'm not sure that we would have gotten this far.

But it also took others contacting their senators & congressmen and for all of the help, no matter what you did to get us here, I want to thank you each and every one.

I want to also thank our senators and congressmen that have listened to us and have worked to make this possible as well. Thank you so much! Cheryl F

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It's official.


The resolution passed!! April 8th is National Cushing's Awareness Day!!


This is a great day!

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