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Guest IrishDMBF

sleep study and Cushings


Guest IrishDMBF

So I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago by my PCP but I got sick of dealing with him and felt he wasn't dealing with my concerns because I felt I wasn't getting any better.  I kept gaining weight particularly around the middle despite repeated efforts to lose it and he kept telling me I wasn't trying hard enough.  I was permanently fatigued and had difficulty getting out of bed and I just thought the thyroid meds should make me feel better.  I haven't had any libido for years and have just put it down to having had kids and the thyroid problem but it hasn't got better and my periods are irregular at best.

Having got fed up with my PCP I made an appt with an endo a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised.  He did a complete work up  with my thyroid levels which were normal on my meds but asked me about my sleeping habits and I said I snored and he referred me for a sleep study because he said high cortisol can cause sleep apnea.  He also gave me a new weight loss med which has helped me lose 20 lbs (yay me!!) Well last week I had the sleep study.  Turns out no sleep apnea but I get very little REM sleep (dreaming sleep) which can be caused by high cortisol also.  His words at that appt a couple of months ago have haunted me.  Sounds like he had his suspicions about my cortisol levels.  I have a follow up with my endo next week.

I have stretch marks on my belly but again I put them down to having kids.   I used to have awesome memory but that is non existent any more again I thought that was kids/thyroid problems.  I have also had hypertension and lipid problems on and off for the last few years.

I am beginning to seriously suspect I have Cushings and I am going to bring it up with my endo next week  but given the stories on here I am prepared for the long haul if I get test results that aren't what I expect.

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