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Guest Amy

Hump at back of neck


Guest Amy

Hi my name is Amy and I have had this weird looking hump at the back of my neck since my late teens and I was a size 9 6 months later im twenty and I went to a size 11 I figured ok I’m still growing and also figured it could have been water weight from the birth control of was taking back then and I continued to take this birth control for years until 2005 as I gained more I figured I stop and the water weight would subside but I was wrong as the years went by i kept gaining but staying at the same weight for a decade and it would increase it was now 2007 this was when I knew something was really wrong I was massively gaining weight in my mid section I thought I was pregnant but I wasn’t my stomach just kept increasing in since and I didn’t do anything different to my diet , I just couldn’t understand why and the aches and pains my body has on a constant basis is really hard it’s almost unbearable at times. And the tiredness I feel after a work day is rough and I just stay in bed after cause I’m in soo much pain. Any how from what I heard not every one who has cushings suffer from same symptoms and if this is true who else has felt the same thing as I have . And how long did it take to get a diagnosis

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Hi, Amy - I had most of the same symptoms as you but I was always "chunky".

I thought I was pregnant when I noticed my first symptom - loss of my periods.  Even though I was faithfully working out most days at my gym and was on track with my foods with Weight Watchers, I gained weight.

And tired/exhaustion/fatigue was with me daily.

It took about 5 years for a diagnosis.

My whole bio is here (although it needs an update): https://cushingsbios.com/2013/04/29/maryo-pituitary-bio/

Why not join these boards so you can read everything we've written about the symptoms you're experiencing now?

Best of luck to you!


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