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Another day another night

Well another day down, I spent the biggest part of the day as a vegetable. I ached all over and had a headache and a cough. Just my usual cough, nothing fancy. On the upside I spent it in my jammies, and I always enjoy that!!!   My daughter Elizabeth is still looking for a job, I hope she gets one soon. She needs one for her self esteem, let alone to help with the social anxiety. I will be glad when she starts back to college, but I wonder if she is picking the right career. Oh well, I have to



Just starting out

I sometimes wonder if I will ever get an answer to my questions about my health. I also wonder if I will ever feel "good" again. I am just so sick and tired of being sick and tired.   I was a little disappointed in my husband last night, I told him that if this is Cushings, that I wanted him to read up on it so that he knew what I was dealing with. He didn't understand why he would need to do that, that it wasn't like he was sick!! Then he asked if after they got a diagnosis an I am "cured" w



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