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My 24-hr test results came back 'normal'. I don't know the exact numbers, they just told me it was normal and we'd check again in 4-6 months.   On the one hand I'm glad to not have it, and on the other I'm annoyed because I was hoping for an answer to all my weird issues. Oh well.   ANYWAY good luck and good health to everyone and I wish you all the best!



First week of wondering....

This time last week was the first time I had ever heard of "Cushing's". Since then I've had two blood tests and peed - a lot - into a bright orange biohazard jug that I got to keep in my refrigerator. Gross.   My symptoms:   Centralized weight gain Striae Depression/Anxiety Small "Buffalo Hump" (i HATE that phrase, by the way) Weird darkening of skin on back of neck Very dry/sensitive skin Cortisol seemed high in blood test (24 hour urine needs to confirm) High trigylcerides Insomnia



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