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My place to go.. to talk about it all.

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Not as tired as I though..

Well we decided that since there's no reason to 'make' Joey go to bed if he's on a high, that we were just going to let him stay up.. and do whatever (within reason) So, we were up until midnight 2 nights in a row.. no naps.. not even any yawning. And he was still up for hours after that.. with me waking up to tell him " Lay back down and watch the movie, Joey, no toys please, Joey, you're being too loud.. " and I'm not as tired as I thought I was going to be..



A blog eh?

Well, here I am making my first entry in the Blog.. it's such a funny word. I never used to think that I would need one of these things. But as more and more time goes by.. I feel the need for something to get out the frustration that I feel. I could tell some person that I know.. but then I would be judged and I don't need that right now. I've had more judging than a person can take.   I know that's not true.. people have taken so much more of it than I have.. and I commend them for it. So



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