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I'm about finished with the new boards, just in the nick of time. I wanted them done before Wisconsin, and it looks like the basics will be done before then!


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  • Chief Cushie

Darn! Looks like I need some new images for the blog om Skyscape: e_pub.gif. p_sendtb.gif, p_draft.gif and p_lock.gif

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  • Chief Cushie

It absolutely amazes me. I went to a whole lot of trouble putting up a new membermap for the boards, as of this writing 29 people read the post about it and not one said it looked good or thanks, or acknowledged that it was even there - although 2 people added their info to it. At various times people have said that they'd like this feature. Guess they changed their minds.


Lots of people email me asking for help, information, asking me to do things for them, but so few rarely take the time to ask if I'm ok, to say that they noticed I hadn't posted here on the boards for weeks, hadn't been in the chat.


When the site's birthday rolled around last week the responses were fewer than for many people's birthdays. This site, which is supposedly so helpful to many wasn't worth a word or 2 of congratulations.


I know if I post this on the boards, people will rally around for a day or so, then I'll go back to being invisible, the one who is supposed to do all the work in the background, but who is always supposed to be "ok", to never have any problems, to never need any kind words or help or support herself.


Whine, whine, whine. Guess it's time for a little wine, wine, wine!

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