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Thursday 18th August



7:25amSlept well last night, grogginess went in the evening so I felt better by the time Steve got home. His train was delayed big time so he got home over an hour late and he was so tired. I spoke to my Mum last night and we had a good chat which made me feel so much better about our financial connection. She is really living beyond her means and I think she was in denial with it but didn't let anyone else know, so there she was lending me money and lavishing us with gifts and spending money she didn't have. I am going to help her with the letters to let creditors know, she isn't that clued up on that sort of thing and is worried with one missed payment that she will lose her house! She has a lot to learn - its so sad, I wish she had told me sooner. I still feel so guilty about having borrowed money from her, but there was little we could have done and I have no one else close to me that could have helped. I am just so glad it hasn't tarnished my relationship with my Mum, that would just break my heart after what we have been through.Well, got a letter through and I have been offered a job, just for a couple of nights a week which is fine, I had hoped for more evenings to make more money but there may be a possibility of working extra hours or days. Just one more interview to go on Monday.We have had an 'Incredibles' day today - Harry has got me drawing all of the characters from the film, we have been watching it and he has a Mr Incredibles costume so we have been acting out superhero scenes!! Oh the joys of motherhood - I love it - let's me act stupid and be a kid again - god forbid if any of my neighbours can see me - Elastigirl to the rescue...lol!!


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