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Oh what a funny old start to the day its been. Its 1:30pm, we've just been to the local park and kicked a ball around, shot some hoops and walked through the woods, it was nice to get some fresh air although Harry got a bit grumpy towards the end, tiredness I guess. Day started off with a funny start. I decided I didn't want to go to the job, I know, I know, I should have gone but 8 hours a week is hardly going to solve any major problems. Steve and I had a good talk and we have decided to file for bankruptcy next month. Crunch time! This means though that I cannot go to the interview tomorrow as they will not employ undischarged bankrupts, but I am not too concerned, there will be other jobs at other times I am sure. This will hopefully be the break we need and boy do we need it. We have been putting this off for far too long and we need to change our life. It is getting dire now and neither of us wants to live here anymore. I hope a year from now when we are discharged that we can look back and say we did the right thing. We'll see...but although at times I think I should just walk away, I know in my heart of hearts its not my family that I want to leave, it is the circumstance we are in. My family is my life and I want my life to be worth living again.Well, car boot sale number 2 tomorrow - we made roughly ?70 last weekend, not bad I suppose considering Steve and I got down there two and a half hours after it started and nearly didn't gain entrance - th espot we had was right at the back, a place where a lot of people couldn't be bothered to walk to. We are leaving early tomorrow so hopefully we'll get a better pitch - lots of books, videos, clothes and baby stuff to sell!


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