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In a strange old mood today



I've been a bit of a strange mood today, feel off sorts, feeling a touch down, tired, and mentally exhausted - I guess its all catching up with me. I've written my resignation letter today. I am sad to have written it but I need to make a fresh start. I can't afford to work in Cambridge. As Steve has started commuting by train, we would have to pay at least ?350 a month in travel costs and that is unacceptable plus childcare costs on top, we just can't do it. I also have Liz's operation on my mind, I really hope she is OK tomorrow. I know how scared you feel just before the op so I am really praying that she gets through it OK - it's fantastic news that Sharon is OK, so many people having ops lately which is great considering so many of you are still on the path of not knowing. I just feel sad...Steve and I did another car boot sale at the weekend. It was slow and more people were browsing then buying at first, but I rejigged the stall and made it more pleasing to the eye and we made a bit of money to get us through another week, It is so frustrating we are having to live like this but there you go. A young couple bought our travel cot - I was glad it went to a good home. I sold lots of books and Steve sold a whole batch of trekky videos. Harry got very restless, bless him, but it was a long day and he was a star considering, he got lots of treats and hugs afterwards. I've still got lots of things to sell but we are going to give it a rest next weekend, I just feel so worn out. I really thought I would be in a fit state to work again but judging from how I feel, I just don't know anymore.


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