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Day of testing...oooh familiar ground!



Well, its nearly 8am here, been up for a couple of hours already. Decided to finally get off my bum, go and get my bloods checked (for my diabetic nurse and for the HRT possibility). Also need to see the Doc about various things that are concerning me lately. I have been feeling rough now for a few weeks, probably due to weaning off the hydocortisone and possibly taking the statin for cholestoral. Leg cramps, heart flutters, exhaustion, joint pain, facial plethora, dizzy spells, generally feeling like c**p. :spudniksurgeon: I'll post later with the outcome. My GP is entertaining some reluctance to put me on HRT at this stage - I agree with him, but we need to have a chat about it anyway.2:49pmWell, the rain set in big time, discovered a letter that said I have an appointment with the local dietician tomorrow at 2:00pm so have decided to postpone everything till tomorrow and get everything out of the way in one shot. Harry and I have just been out in the rain with our wellies splashing in the puddles, recommended for anyone that needs to de-stress, jump in a few puddles and get sopping wet, act like a big kid and don't give a flying fig what everyone thinks...lol! Energy levels have gotten better since this morning, fresh air probably did me good. Doctor keeps telling me to start walking, maybe I should start listening...mmmmm. Posted my resignation letter so its all done and dusted, no turning back now. Printed out the bankruptcy forms ready to send off next week. I really hope in a years time I can post on here that my life is good. I try and make the best of bad situations and still have a laugh but you know what its like inside you feel everything is crashing in around you. I wonder if Liz is out of theatre now...? She went in at 10am. My op took about 6 hours. I hope it all went OK.


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